Snow Maps 
The snow feels like a canvas if their paws were dipped in ink 
It shows the trails and movements, it's like a map I think 
A fox has walked beside me, a hare has led the way,  
The deer and squirrels it shows me how they went about their day. 
The steps they took and turns they made are written in the snow,  
They wandered home and now I guess it is my turn to go. 
I lift my boot and set it down to hear that wondrous crunch,  
A day of tracking fills one's soul but now it's time for lunch. 
Silver Drops 
Silver drops on steel strings 
Tuned to the grey fog that rings 
A silent tune of the early morn 
This is what you see at dawn. 
That mighty tree is but a weed 
It provides that spider all she needs 
Some branches strong to hang her web 
with silver drops to line each thread. 
Rainbow Linings 
When you search for silver linings you look through the dark clouds 
But silver’s not the colour of the blessings all around 
A rainbow marks the borders of the clouds that block your way 
Lift up your eyes and smile, be free, and let your voice to say 
The rainbow is my silver light, its end I can not see 
But it borders up the darkness and lets my heart be free. 
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