We always endeavour to provide a five star service and pride ourselves on keeping up with those standards. Here are just a few of the lovely things that our many happy customers have said about working with us... 
"I had the chance to attend Andrew's talk on Arctic foxes at Biotopia, Uppsala and subsequently also attended his first tour to Lunsen Natural Reserve, both of which were an amazing experience! Andrew's a really fun person to be around and my friends and I had a lovely time at the tour. He explained the ecology of the reserve and we also looked at several animal tracks along the trail, all of which amounted to learning a lot of new things. And yes, he's a great campfire cook too! I would recommend his talks and tours to everyone who loves nature, wants to learn about the habitat and wildlife of the region, and appreciates great company!" 
Kevin Merchant 
"Enjoyed a great talk by Andrew about the Arctic wolf and had a nice chat afterwards. Can't wait to go on one of his hikes!" 
Ryan Soh 
"Fantastic day exploring the forest and a wonderful campfire lunch on the lake! Learned a lot about local wildlife and saw some salmon jumping on their way upstream!" 
Hilly Jay 
"I spent a fantastic day together with a fantastic group led by Andrew who made us live an emotion in the woods of Uppsala. I hope there will be other opportunities like this. I fully recommend this group." 
Chia Ra Ronca 
"Partially because of you, I am now pursuing degrees and a career path in Wildlife Ecology! I loved hiking in the snow with you and the group in Stadsskogen during Spring 2021 and at that event I met the close friend I explored Sweden with the whole semester!" 
Malena Sellen 
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