Over the years we have collated a range of questions that are regularly asked. Here are just a few of them... 

What is your coolest or favourite wildlife encounter? 

I have so many wonderful memories and amazing stories from my adventures! Seeing a bear in Jämtland, West Sweden, is one of the most precious encounters that I will never forget, I’ve had a couple of close calls with moose which make amazing campfire stories and I am forever making more, and hope to help anyone who joins us on our adventures make some lasting and exciting memories of our wonderful wildlife! 

What do I need to bring for the tour? 

Each tour and activity is slightly different so when you sign up your guide will contact you by email and include a recommended kit list for the specific event. In general though you should have good footwear and weather appropriate clothing, boots with good grip and covered toes are generally advised to protect your feet and ankles as we explore, and the weather can turn fast so a waterproof layer and warm layers are good to bring, being dry makes the nature so much more enjoyable! 

Can you do bespoke events? Like birthday parties? 

Absolutely! With free reign of the natural world and our imaginations as our only limit we can make any event for anyone you want! For a birthday party we can do any number of activities and games and also bake the all important birthday cake on a campfire. Contact us today to discuss your desires for a bespoke event. 

Is it safe in nature? 

Short answer, yes it is safe enough. Longer answer, with a level of common sense and planning and the support of our wonderful, experienced guides we mitigate as many of the risks that we can encounter as possible. Of course there is always the risk of slips and falls but it’s no different then in they city and we have less traffic in the forest! We’ll support you on our routes and activities and ensure a safe and enjoyable day for all! 

Do you provide food on your events? 

Often yes, it does depend on the activity and how long we are out. Generally events over 5 hours will include a campfire cooked lunch or a prepared natural lunch, but this is specified in each event description. Our corporate days out most often include a BBQ cooked by us and our workshops will have snacks, tea and coffee available. 
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