New to Sweden and want to meet like-minded, environmentally-aware people? 
Like the idea of exploring some beautiful nature areas near Uppsala, seeing some fabulous birds and animals up close, and enjoying stories of wildlife encounters around a campfire-cooked lunch?  
Then our local tours and other group activities are ideal for you! 



BIOTOPIA NATURAL FIBRES WORKSHOP Natural fibres – weaving and crafting with natural cordage.  Join us for an exciting workshop hosted by White Wolf Wildlife at Biotopia Museum. This workshop will focus on the fascinating world of natural fibres and their various applications in traditional crafts such as cordage making, rope construction, binding techniques, willow basket weaving, nettle string production, bramble bindings, as well as bushcraft and wildcraft skills. 

During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn from an experienced instructor who will guide you through the step-by-step process of working with natural fibres, teaching you valuable techniques and sharing their expertise. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in crafting, this workshop is designed to cater to all skill levels. You will get hands-on experience in creating your own cordage, ropes, and bindings using various natural fibres such as willow, nettle, and pine. Learn the art of willow basket weaving and discover how to transform these versatile materials into beautiful and functional creations. 
The workshop will take place at the Biotopia Museum, a prestigious institution dedicated to showcasing the wonders of the natural world. Immerse yourself in the museum's captivating environment, surrounded by exhibits that celebrate biodiversity and inspire a deeper connection to nature. 
To participate in this workshop, there is a fee of 260kr. This fee includes all necessary materials and tools for the workshop, ensuring that you have everything you need to create your own natural fiber crafts. 
Don't miss this opportunity to learn ancient skills, connect with nature, and tap into your creativity. Join White Wolf Wildlife at the Natural Fibres Workshop at Biotopia Museum and discover the timeless art of working with natural fibers. 
Date – November 8th 2023 Starts at 18:15 at Biotopia museum (Vasagatan 4, 753 13 Uppsala) 
Cost – 260kr (maximum 15 people) Includes all materials, teaching materials and some snacks 

ONE YEAR BUSHCRAFT SKILLS COURSE! Learn through all 4 seasons skills that help you be comfortable in the nature, using natural products and experiencing the full range of what nature has to offer.  

This one-year course in bushcraft skills will be a deep dive learning experience starting in April 2024. We will meet once a month for 12 months, sometimes for a day, sometimes over night to learn, practise and hone skills that you can use when you are out in nature, to make yourself and your party feel more comfortable, be safer and experience more deeply the natural environment. 
A selection of some of the skills you will learn includes: 
Fire lighting, many methods and in all weather conditions 
Shelter building, key elements to keep you dry and warm 
Safe tool use, it’s no good if you hurt yourself when you’re out and about 
Exploring water, making water safe to drink and also exploring what water bodies can provide for you. 
Tracking wildlife, finding signs and interpreting the story they tell 
This course will enable you to learn through all 4 seasons, which means you can develop your skills in all weathers! 
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AUTUMN NATURAL CRAFTING SERIES Experience the magic of autumn with our immersive crafting series set in the enchanting forest. Join us to learn the art of crafting outdoor gear and tools using traditional hand tools.   

From buck saws to backpacks, our skilled instructors will guide you in creating functional and durable items. Immerse yourself in nature as you work with your hands, surrounded by the beauty of the autumn forest. Develop woodworking skills, connect with the craftsmanship of old, and gain a deep appreciation for the materials and techniques used. This hands-on course fosters teamwork and camaraderie, allowing you to collaborate with fellow participants and bond over the shared experience. Explore the wilderness, learn new skills, and create your own customized tools and bushcraft gear. Join us for an unforgettable journey of craftsmanship in the heart of the forest this autumn. Contact us today to reserve your spot and embrace the spirit of wood working in nature. 
Workshops and example crafts: 
Wooden tools – From buck saws to mallets, carved designs and skill sticks this event is a good starting place for those will no experience in crafting with wood, be introduced to the tools and learn about woods properties, enjoy camaraderie and good people whilst making tools from wood that you can take home that day – 4 hour course, 500kr per person 
Pack kits construction – Sick of relying on plastic and artificial materials? On this day course we will make different kits you can load in your pack and take with you on adventures. This includes a fire-lighting kit with tinder bundles and variations on friction fire techniques, water filters, hanks of cordage and possibly making a blanket roll backpack; all from natural materials. 4 hour course, 600kr per person. 
Pottery with natural clay – an abundant material that is fun to play with, shapable into any form and a good excuse for messy hands, this 2 part course will start with how to gather and process clay, crafting and forming any shape you want and in part 2 firing the clay to create an everlasting memory and gift from nature. 2x4hour sessions 1400kr per person. 
Outdoor games and toys – everyone wants to play games and have fun outdoors right? Within this half day course we will craft any variety of games and toys, your imagination is the only limitation. Examples of what we can do include: Ball in cup, natural cordage ring toss, Dutch arrows and musical instruments like whistles. 4 hour course 600kr per person 


Please get in touch if you'd like to find out more about White Wolf or the tours, events and other activities we offer. 
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